Interview: Nathan Jones (Vision Collector)

An emerging star from Ireland’s underground. We caught up with Nathan Jones of Vision Collector ahead of his next release for one of the best labels to emerge from Ireland’s Techno scene in recent years.

Where do you get your influences/inspiration from?
A lot of my inspiration comes from past and present experiences on dance floors, where i have completely lost myself in the atmosphere and groove. It is really important to me to be a complete consumer, digging for new music and trying to find something special and unique to me. This always inspires me to explore more and more with the way I DJ and produce music.

Whats your creative process?
My creative process always starts with a big cup of coffee while I’m listening to music from other artists or old projects I’ve been working on. From there i focus on what atmosphere I’m trying to create and I experiment with recording sounds, new rhythms, synths, and vocals. I usually start with one and continue to build the track from there. When a studio session is going really well I’m in a state of ‘no mind’ and its as if the track almost produces itself.

What sound/feeling/emotion are you trying to portray in your music?
I always try to give a track a feeling of life as if it had a mind of its own, constantly growing and pulling you along with it.

Is your music written for a specific space or emotion?
My music is defiantly written with the dancefloor in mind, but the real challenge is to give it soul and substance that can still connect with someone listening at home.

What does the word Techno mean to you?
Techno to me is a rhythmic energy, deep rooted in our nature that transcends language, religion and culture. It stands for freedom and self expression with no borders.

Published in Hot Press Magazine, May 2016.

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