Interview: Matador

We caught up with Gavin Lynch aka Matador following the release of his debut album “Ructions” on April 25, 2016.

Firstly congrats on the debut album. How did you find working on an album versus an EP?
Thanks very much ☺ It was a natural progression really, I had just finished the Play With Me Ep which was 2 parts, so I was already in the headspace of writing a fuller body of work. And I think an album offers more space to explore the music and allow the story unfold.

What creative challenges did you face throughout the project?
I took some time off touring initially to make a start on the album but I knew that getting back on the road was where the inspiration lay.

It was a constant writing process whilst touring which had both positives and negatives to it. I could capture the energy and emotion as it happened but my access to the studio was restricted for long periods of time. I also added some new pieces of equipment to the studio halfway through too so they had to be explored and it was very much a case of me forgetting I was writing an album and losing hours developing sounds.

You purchased a Neve console for this project. How is that working out?
It’s incredible – what more can I say? The difference in quality after a tracks gone through the Neve is night and day – the sound is so sweet. Owning a Neve console has been an ambition of mine for the last 10 years, and it’s an absolute pleasure to work with.

Congrats on the launch of the label (Rukus). What made you decide to launch your own imprint?
I always wanted an opportunity to create and release my music from start to finish and being in control of the product at Rukus offered me this. It allows me to frame the music the way I see it.

What are your future plans for the label?
After the album there’s some tasty remixes coming up and maybe some collaborations. I’m excited for that and I’m on the look out now for new artists too. Watch this space ☺

Originally published in Hot Press Magazine, April 2016.

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