Interview: Alex Falconer (Vision Collector)

Vision Collector is one of Ireland’s most exciting electronic arts collectives. Hot Press caught up with founder Alex Falconer for a chat.

When did you start Vision Collector and why?

We started a little over two years ago, an idea that slowly formed into a tangible concept. We had an understanding of what a good techno show consisted of and wanted to portray that view through parties. The record label followed shortly after and was the natural progression.

What are your plans for the future?

Our plans for the future is to concentrate heavily on releasing records from artists. Focus our attention on building the profile of the artists and bringing their music to an international level. We want to create bigger and better productions for our shows and produce long lasting events that will stick in peoples minds.

What is your approach to events.

Events normally come after a weekend away at a techno show, fresh inspirations always lead to a fresh shows & production. We never think about what the room would like like with people in it. We are more focused on creating a room in which the music will sound great in. Dark raw environments stripped of ego and ready for an instalment of sound. This is the main concept and the people come after.
Production and sound quality are the main two aspects at the shows. We are heavily focused. on visuals and representing the emotion of the music through the environment.

What are the key values of VCR.

VCR is here to represent the artists that we are involved with. We have the idea of progressing them onto bigger labels. We see ourselves as a stepping stone and a way to bridge the gap between Ireland & Europe. We want to raise the vibrational frequency & social maturity of electronic music in Ireland and show that it’s more than just a party for the youth but more so a zone for people of all ages to lose themselves, within strange, peculiar and intense environments separate from the constraints of our everyday reality.

Published in Hot Press Magazine, June 2016.

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