Interview: Krystal Klear

Hot Press caught up with Krystal Klear ahead of his performance at Electric Picnic (2015).

Are you looking forward to Electric Picnic this year? What do you have prepared for your set?
Really looking forward to it. Every year has been a bigger and better experience and to close the RBMA stage is going to be amazing for numerous reasons. I have nothing particularly prepared but I’m obviously already taking into account that it’s the last open stage of the festival on the last night so naturally I’ll want to leave everyone with a memory that will hopefully eliminate the hangover on Monday!

What is your best Electric Picnic experience as a punter?
Probably seeing DJ Shadow when I was 18. Either that or meeting the Beastie Boys after sneaking backstage. First time I saw Chic was pretty incredible too. The Pet Shop Boys were amazing as well.

What is the best act you have seen at EP?
I remember seeing cut chemist sample the audience then make a beat out of it live one year and I remember thinking that was pretty amazing all considered. After that I couldn’t really say. Shadow and Pet Shop Boys are firm memories though.

What impact did the Redbull Music Academy have on your career?
It’s obviously an amazing credential to have on your “musical CV” but to be honest the impact hasn’t been on my career but more on me as an artist and learning a lot about how others work and certainly putting me and my ego in its box on numerous things.

What projects are you working on at the moment?
Working with Nile Rodgers on his album, also working with some pop artists in the UK alongside working on my own album and new 12″ material for the dance floor side of things so all in all I’m trapped in the studio missing Vitamin D and solid food!

Originally published in Hot Press Magazine, August 2015.