Interview: Tone of Arc

Hot Press caught up with Tone of Arc at his recent show in Opium Rooms Dublin to talk studio, stage and forthcoming releases.

How did Tone of Arc come to Exist?
First I was Dead Seal. Before the last LP I decided to change the name to something I could get old with and be proud of. Then I came up with Tone of Arc which means “the sound of the laws of creation”. Zoe, my wife started recording with me 6 years ago. I’d say that was when things really changed for both of us.

What is your current studio set up?
Octatrack, Korg MS2000, 11 piece drum set, a shit load of guitars and and a bass, cello, piano, bunch more junk and a tons of soft synths and guitar pedals.

How do you transition from studio to stage? How do you prepare for that?
I finish a song, then take out all the stuff I can do live out. Bounce it and put it in Ableton. I set up all the live channels with whatever effects I used in the song to make it sound as close to the finished product as possible. Then I mix the songs in Ableton. Trying to faze out of using a computer and using mostly the octatrack and outboard gear for the live show.

Are there releases on the way we should keep an eye out for?
Yeah we have the first single from the LP coming out on Om Records in late July and then the LP in late August. I spent over three years making this thing perfect. Its the biggest moment in our career.

What advice would you give to aspiring artists?
Get off your ass and stop looking at what everyone else is doing or making. There are no rules and there is no formula as most would have you believe. Make music because you have to otherwise you will die. Spend every penny you can on your art and gear. Sacrifice everything for what you love to do.

Originally published in Hot Press Magazine, June 2015

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