Interview: Harvey McKay

Hot Press caught up with Harvey McKay ahead of his Irish debut in the Button Factory on April 24th with Apocalypse Now.

How did you first get into music production?
My mate gave me a laptop with Reason on it. I think the hard drive was half a gig but it got me started. After that i got the bug and literally lived for making music 24/7.

Then I worked my way up better quality computers. I eventually got a bank loan and got myself a Quad Core Mac Pro Desktop. Then I lived in the studio from 9 in the morning until 9 at night about 4 days a week. I wrote on all different Daws logic / Reason / Cubase / and eventually settled on Ableton.

How did you get involved with Drumcode?
Adam had been playing my music for a while and he showed interest in taking something for Drumcode at at some point. It took us a long long time to get there. In the end I am so glad it did. I feel Adam waited for the right music from me, so when I did sign a full ep it really blew up for me. It was a real game changer.

What has been your most significant experience of the past 12 months?
I would say I was playing at Ultra in Argentina. The day after the set me and Bart Skils went out to explore Buenos Aires. I had never even been to South America so it was just fascinating to me. It was like another world so rich in culture. The architecture was just incredible. It was at night so the sun was setting and it was just lovely and warm but not too hot. There were people dancing tango in the square open air. It was just amazing.

Originally published in Hot Press Magazine, April 2016.