Interview: Jonty Skruff

Hot Press caught up with ADE Panelist Jonty Scruff to discuss bars, food and his involvement in ADE 2014.

What are your favorite places to eat in Amsterdam?
The best meal for the last three years has been at the ADE Cook-0ff (won by Seth Troxler for all three years). I’m a co-host running round with a handheld microphone cracking pitifully weak cookery jokes. Each DJ cooks for 20 guests. Each time I’ve picked Seth’s but Seth was a judge this year alongside Paul Oakenfold and Dave Clarke. Kolsch, Boy George and Pan Pot battled it out this year.

What are your favorite bars?
I’m not fussy at all, wherever the wind blows (though i steer well clear of coffee shops)

When did you first get involved in the conference?
Dave Clarke first brought me in to speak on his Demolition panel 6 years ago and for the last five years I’ve been a co-curator, helping to organise panels and invite speakers for ADE Pro, the business panels part of the program.

What was your involvement this year?
Alongside DJing, producing, blogging and working as a brand consultant for Pioneer in Berlin, I work all year round for ADE coming up with ideas for panels, inviting speakers and during the event I moderate quite a lot of them. This year I’m doing Everything You Need to Know About Sampling & Not Being Sued, Gamechangers Part III with Paul Oakenfold, Arthur Baker, Jean Michel Jarre and Daniel Mate from Native Instruments, a publishing related panel and then a Q&A with Function One founder Tony Andrews.

What are your favorite conference memories/highlights?
Moderating Gamechangers 2 last year with Nile Rodgers, Giorgio Moroder and Dave Smith; a magical session.

Originally published in Hot Press Magazine, October 2014

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