Interview: RSCH 14 (Vision Collector)

I caught up with Ireland’s latest Techno duo RSCH 14 ahead of their forthcoming release with Irish label Vision Collector.

Where did the RSCH 14 concept come from?
The RSCH 14 Concept came from us living together at a house numbered 14. The RSCH part is an abbreviation of the word research; implying the the research for the project was done at that number. The number is also of significance to both of us outside of living at that address.

What is your connection with Vision Collector?
We were approached by Vison Collector Records as they were looking to release VC002. We were happy to move forward with VC as we had previously discussed them as a potential label for our first release. The fact that the label was based in Ireland was also a draw especially with regard to the success of the first release.

What equipment do you guys use?
Xox Box, Nord rack 2x, Modular synth, Doepfer Darktime Sequencer x2, Space Echo Pedal x2, Korg Esx-1, Midas venice u24, Mackie Onyxy 1220, Imac, Logic and Ableton.

What are your major influences?
Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Shawn Rudiman to name but a few influences with regard to the Detroit Techno sound. Too many to list here but you get the idea. On the European side of things the likes of James Ruskin, Pacou, Regis, Paul Mac, Abstract Division, Delta Funktionen & Tabernacle records. On a local level some big influences would be D1 records, Sunil Sharpe, DeFeKt, Lunar Disko Records and Slow Burn.

What are your future plans for the project?
Were busy in the studio with plans for future releases & looking forward to some upcoming shows.

RSCH 14’s VC002 EP is available on Vision Collector from October 01. For more information visit

Originally published in Hot Press Magazine, September 2014

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