Interview: Eomac

Hot Press caught up with Irish producer Eomac and talked gigs, playing live and sought advice for aspiring producers.

What are your highlights for 2014?
Releasing my debut album, ‘Spectre’, on Killekill. Appearing on Boiler Room. Playing Berghain for the first time. It’s a huge, intense club and whether you’re down with all the hype or not, it’s still quite something to walk in there at 6am with Robert Hood belting it out. My Russian visit to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

How do you approach your live performances?
I like to build from the slower tracks to faster more intense tracks, all the while ramping the energy. I like to play with the tracks a bit, looping and editing them slightly differently, but still being true to the original recorded versions.

How do you approach the production process? Any favorite pieces of kit?
Only kit I use is Ableton and a few other plugins. So I have no real favourite apart from that! I approach the production process with the emphasis on making my music sound interesting rather than ‘well produced’.

What advice would you give to aspiring music producers?
Keep at it. It’s the only advice I can give really. There are many different ways to get to where you want to be, and the only certainty is that if you give up you won’t make it there. So find what you love doing, make the music you want to make, not what you feel you should or what you think other people want, keep doing it and really believe that it will happen for you. Visualise it regularly. And it eventually will.

What is in the pipeline for 2015?
I’m working on a special project for Bedouin Records, some more records for Killekill and Inner Surface, the Lakker album and a few remixes.

Originally published in Hot Press Magazine, January 2015

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