Interview: Molly

Parisien native Molly made her Irish debut in Pygmalion in January. She is known for her work with Rex Club in Paris and playing with TiNi and the Gang in Ibiza. Hot Press caught up with her to discuss

Did you enjoy your first trip to Ireland?
Yes. It was very short unfortunately but i hope to come back soon and have more time to visit Dublin.

How did you get involved in Rex Club? What is your role there now?
I finished my master in Communication, i was starting to look for a job in Paris and the REX was looking for someone to manage the marketing and Communication. I was managing the communication/ Marketing but I’m also now starting the REX CLUB label. (The first release will be out end of april).

What artists/labels are you digging at the moment?
I don’t have specific labels, artists, I’m digging a lot on Discogs but also checking in the parisian local store.

Will you be featuring in Ibiza this summer?
I don’t know yet but i hope it will happen!

What have been your career highlights to date?
It’s just the beginning of my career but I will say my first time at Panorama Bar. My first time at Robert johnson. My first remix for Spencer Parker on Rekids. NYE 2014 at Amore festival etc.

Published in Hot Press Magazine, January 2015

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