Studio Talk with Fran Hartnett


When I purchased the Elektron Octatrack the first person I contacted was Fran Hartnett. It was his live show that made me look towards that machine as an alternative to what I was doing at that time with laptops, drum machines, controllers and sound cards. Apart from being a master user of Elektron machines such as the Octatrack and the Machinedrum, he is one of Ireland’s most progressive & technically gifted live performers.

I caught up with him ahead of his Live show with DiVISION & Vision Collector this Saturday to talk studio, machines and live performance.

20181027 Sat FB CoverHow did you first get into the technical side of music production and where/how did you learn your craft?

I had been DJing since my teenage years, and after quite a few years of buying records I had become quite particular about what kind of sound I was looking for so that got…

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