Label Talk with Vision Collector


Vision Collector is an Irish record label and DJ collective who specialise in running Techno events in obscure locations as diverse as the iconic Christ Church Cathedral and Meeting House Square. After recently relocating to Berlin I caught up with founder and label boss Alex Falconer, one of my old students from Sound Training Centre, to discuss their mission and journey.

VCWhen was Vision Collector founded what has been your mission?

Vision Collector was formed in 2013, It slowly came into formation after years of experiencing music via other labels, club nights, festivals etc. Vision Collector was a way of presenting what we love through our own awareness.

You’ve run some incredible parties over the years, what have been your favourites/highlights?

Arena Club Berlin in 2015, Shouts to Jon Hester and Wittes. About Blank in Berlin 2016 with Wittes,  Nathan Jones and Pineal Navigation. Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin, raving…

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