Interview: Sunil Sharpe

Hot Press caught up with Sunil Sharpe to talk Berghain, Earwiggle, Tinfoil and forthcoming releases

You’ve had an amazing year since we last caught up. What have been the highlights for you?
Thanks Will. The highlights have mostly been about playing at events that were on the ‘hit list’ – Bloc weekend, Glastonbury and fabric in the UK have been good, and playing a lot more around Europe has been rewarding. Doing a Resident Advisor mix this year was a personal dj goal that I’m happy about and the first Tinfoil live sets with DeFeKT were exciting, especially the Dublin show.

Tell us more about that Berghain show? The reviews have been amazing.
I’ve been there a couple of times in the last while. Is not to say I’m used to it now but I think each time I play there I figure out something about the room or my DJing that I don’t tend to experience elsewhere. It’s the most challenging but rewarding club to play in, I love it.

How was your Earwiggle show at ADE?
It went very well. Was a Mord v Earwiggle night with a really big lineup. I often feel that the Amsterdam crowd is a bit quiet and reserved but we brought them out of their shells I think!

How is your label Tinfoil going? Whats next?
Tinfoil 4 will be out in September (a record we’re quite excited about) and we hope to have 5 out by the year’s end. Three 12″s out in 2016 would feel like a nice achievement for us.

What releases do you have coming up?
On The Hoof 004 will be soon which is another solo ep, while 005 will be Faetch and myself. Got a split release with Umwelt on Rave Or Die, a track on the next MLT Red record, and lots of other stuff lined up.

Published in Hot Press Magazine, August 2016.

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