Interview: Doug Cooney (Vision Collector, RLSD)

Hot Press sat down with Doug Cooney to discuss his work with the DIT DJ Society, his new label and recent productions.

Tell us about your involvement in the DIT DJ Society last year?
I was approached by the society to plan some weekly lessons. I teach a 4 week evening DJ Course with Real Sound Dublin and the aim was to convert the course into a DJ Society friendly version. Later in the year I was asked to talk on a panel hosted by Sunil Sharpe alongside Eomac(Lakker) and Bodytonics John Mahon. The talk was titled ‘Staying in the Game” and looked at Irish industry professionals working in Ireland.

You started your own label last year?
Yes, RLSD Records came to be, Phil Galvin JR & I joined forces on this project. We work very well together and the label has progressed in a very organic manner. We’re currently planning our 3rd release and are waiting to go the print on our second record. It’s been a quick year and a huge learning curve.

How has that been and what challenges did you face?
The first challenge was committing tracks and developing the dynamic on the Record. Artwork was next, Andy Greaves does all of our design work and his skills never cease to amaze. Concepts, artwork and the sound of the label were very important to us with the first release and these elements took some planning.

Can you tell us about your RSCH14 project?
RSCH 14 is a collaboration with Myself and my good friend Niall Dunne Aka Pineal Navigation. Were signed to Vision collector Records. RSCH 14 have a live show planned performing at the Basement project Galway Sept 10th and Christ Church Cathedral for Vision Collector on the 7th October.

How is your solo work coming along?
My debut Ep will be released early next year on the mighty Bastardo Electrico. I’ll be joining the ranks with DJ Bone, Paul Mac and Sunil sharpe. Its a four track EP aiming to showcase what music I play when I DJ. Label boss Jamie Behan has been great to work with and am looking forward to seeing what he has next for the label. I’m looking forward to getting back in the studio on the run up the christmas.

Published in Hot Press Magazine, August 2016

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