Interview: Guy J

Hot Press sat down with Dublin promotion outfit Melodic during their fourth birthday celebrations. Over the years they have brought Alex Niggemann, Coyu, Dominik Eulberg, Guti, Jon Rundell & marked their fourth anniversary with Guy J.

Are you looking forward to your show in Dublin?
Yes very much! Dublin is one of my favorite cities to visit. It was my first trip after high school so I have special relationship with it 🙂

How do you find balancing touring with studio work?
I’m still learning how to balance. I always feel the need to work on music but sometimes the mind is not ready yet and after long tours it takes time until you’ve actually “landed” and ready to work. Life is process of learning.

What is your current studio setup?
At the moment I’m using mostly analog synths. I became involved with the warmth of analog sound. I’m using Cubase as my DAW and RME for my sound card; it is fascinating how the world of electronic music is endless.

Do you have any releases in the pipeline?
I Have 4 tracks featuring on John Digweed’s upcoming compilation and also a release on my label “Lost & Found” as well as working on some remixes for Plattenbank and more great labels.

Any words of advice for aspiring producers?
Try to stay original and find your own sound. It’s important to be unique, even in the smallest thing.

Published in Hot Press Magazine, January 2016