Interview: Dave Clarke

Hot Press caught up with Dave Clarke to discuss his new album ‘The Desecration of Desire’, due for release on October 27 (2017) on SKINT.

Hi Dave, really enjoying your new album, when did this come about, was it long in the making?
The whole process took two years, with many years of preparation and getting the studio right to work in, a lot of that pre-prep came in the form of trial and error whilst doing _Unsubscribe_ work and remixes with Mr. Jones, then at some point the whole studio felt right/ lived in and capable of doing what I needed from it.

Was it written in your Amsterdam studio? Analogue and Digital hybrid or more in the box?
Everything in the computer on Logic comes out the box through a plethora of Analogue hardware then back in the box onto two track via Steinberg Wavelab, it is then left with plenty of headroom for Matt Colton to get his teeth into.

We see you’ve collaborated with a number of vocalists, how did you chose who you wanted to work with on the project?
I think an artist listens to music to feel inspired/ learn but also to file for future possibilities, as early as 2005 I was thinking about artists for future collaboration and then it all came to together, i had been thinking about Anika and Keith Tenniswood and Mt Sims the longest and luckily it all worked out.

What was the biggest challenge you faced composing the album? Were there any creative challenges that differed from an EP?
I just wanted to luxuriate in an album mindset and free myself from years of EP mentality, i do believe in reality this is my first album I have made with an approach of making an album, then choosing singles afterwards.

Looking forward to ADE this year, what panels are you hosting?
Finally got my Brexit panel up (just as they seemed to have delayed it to 2021), demolition Panel, an SAE Panel on performance tech, an Interview with Gary Numan and of course the Cook Off.

Published in Hot Press Magazine, October 2017

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