Photo Exhibit with Max Zarna: Berlin Atonal 2018


Intro: I would like to introduce Max Zarna as the first guest exhibit on the Hybrasil blog. I have known Max since 2014 and like any good friendship, it was forged at Time Warp, a few times. Max has always had a great eye for photography so after myself experiencing Atonal for the first time this year, I invited him to document his experience in photos.

Max Zarna: My first time at Atonal Berlin was in 2015. I remember when I watched one of the aftermovies from previouse  year so I wanted to experience this by my self. First impression when you step into the building is impressive. Concrete wearhouse, raw and energetic typical for Berlin. Size, sound and especially the artist selection  is really spectacular. It makes you feel like you’re in the right place.

Since then Im coming back to Berlin every year and Atonal in my opinion…

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