Hybrasil LIVE @ John Digweed Transitions


I’m really proud & honoured to be this weeks guest on John Digweed‘s radio show Transitions. I recorded a 1 hour live studio mix of all my peak time festival & big room tracks. John has been a hugely influential figure in electronic music both as a DJ & radio broadcaster. I’m really grateful to be part of this esteemed series, hope you enjoy it.

Artist / Track / Label
Hybrasil, Sentinel, Hybrasil
Hybrasil, MacJulian the Fictional Serial Killer, Loose Records
Hybrasil, Inanna, Kenja Records
Hybrasil, Anubis, Break New Soil
Hybrasil, Breasal, Intacto
Hybrasil, Wolf, Hybrasil
Hybrasil, Elthy, Kraftek
Hybrasil, Adjust, Loose Records,
Hybrasil, Afra,
Hybrasil, Lady Nada, Break New Soil
Hybrasil, Oppenheimer, Hybrasil
Hybrasil, Calculator ft David Griffin, Loose Records


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