Studio Talk with Eddie Fowlkes (Detroit Wax / City Boy Music)


The first time I met Eddie Fowlkes was back in 2012, outside a bar in Berlin. I was interviewing him for my old radio show ‘Ceoltronic’. As one of the Godfather’s of Detroit Techno Soul, I wanted to hear his story and share it with my listeners. When I started this tech blog, Eddie was high on my list of artists to speak with.

After attending a 1978 Charivari party with his older sisters where he saw DJ Darryl Shannon mixing records, Eddie requested a mixer for Christmas. From that time on he mastered the art of DJing leading to his first release in 1986. That release on Juan Atkins’ Metroplex Records, “Goodbye Kiss,” helped establish what would come to be known as Detroit Techno.

In the 1980s, he performed with three turntables, a mixer, wah-wah pedal and the 808 & 909 drum machines and this revolutionary style of DJing…

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