In Studio with Native Instruments Maschine


My relationship with Native Instruments Maschine goes back to 2011. At the time I was teaching at Dublin’s Sound Training Centre and I was asked to develop a Dj course. I wanted to develop something cutting edge that embraced all contemporary DJ and performance platforms, so I created Ireland’s first Contemporary Dj Program.

IMG_2303The course covered all aspects of the DJ technologies of the day, Time Code based platforms such as Traktor, Maschine for performance and studio, Pioneer CDJ’s and of course the Technics turntable. Before entering into modern technologies I felt it crucial to cover the foundations of DJ culture and vinyl mixing. Looking back on it now, that course is as relevant today as it was back then and something I really enjoyed putting together.

From that point on Maschine became central to all of my studio work, especially drum programming. In 2014 I developed an online course…

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