Interview: Pineal Navigation (Vision Collector)

We caught up with Dublin producer Niall Dunne to discuss his Pineal Navigation alias, music production and his recent sold out vinyl releases with Vision Collector.

What studio projects are you working on at the moment?

I’m currently working solo as Pineal Navigation and collaborate with Doug Cooney under the RSCH14 moniker.

What is your process for producing music?

I’m producing music is through a process of live jamming using hardware synths and a computer. At the moment I’m using The two Elektron machines; Analogue Rytm and the Octatrack. Synths wise I’m using a Nord rack 2, Waldorf blofeld, creamware pro 12 and a Xoxbox. I send everything into a Midas Venice F24 for recording into logic. I also use a few different outboard pedals for fx’s. Most tracks are usually recorded in one take. I find it a more fun and spontaneous way of working personally.

What are your sources of inspiration/influences?

My sources of inspiration would be everything, life experiences, family, friends, positive people, music, pain and love I guess.

Do you have many shows coming up for the summer. ?

I’m back Djing in Berlin at the About:Blank club on August 5 with Nathan Jones as part of a Vision Collector Showcase. I’ll be playing a live set in the crypt at Christ Church Cathedral with Doug Cooney as RSCH 14. Thats for the Vision Collector party in October. There are a few other cool shows that I can’t really mention yet.

What in the record stores from you at the moment

Pineal Navigation, “Take yourself back” EP is out now on Vision Collector. That’s a vinyl release with a digital release scheduled down the line. There’s also a RSCH14 release also out on Vision Collector. Both of those are sold out in All City Records but they are due to be restocked. You might also find them online.

Published in Hot Press Magazine, July 2016

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