Interview: Eve

Hot Press caught up with Lauren, Jess & Micu of the Eve collective to discuss their emergence as one of the country’s most exciting DJ collectives.

For those who don’t know, could you explain the concept behind Eve?
Eve is a female focused platform for girls in the electronic music industry to express themselves creatively.

How did you come together as a collective?
Originally Eve was a monthly party with an all female line-up in the basement of the South William (Dublin), to give ourselves and other girls the opportunity to play out which we hadn’t done before. After a couple of months of the Eve parties in Dublin, we began to get booked for other parties and clubs around Dublin as Eve, so we decided going forward that the collective was stronger than the party itself.

What have been the highlights so far?
It’s all been a little bit surreal. Sharing the bill with some of our favourite Artists like Ame, Matador, Reset Robot, tINI and Hito were definitely gigs that I think made us realise how far we had come as a collective. We were lucky enough to be invited to play at Longitude, Forbidden Fruit, BD Festival and Sea Sessions. One of the best experiences was when we played at Electric Picnic last year on the Heineken Sound Atlas Stage.

You were teaching CDJ mixing last weekend to a group, how did that go?
Ahhh Yes! We did and it was genuinely one of the most amazing experiences. Ellen King from the GASH collective (who are also doing some incredible stuff at the moment for girls in the scene) invited us to do a CDJ Demo for girls who want to get into DJ-ing as part of a workshop she was running with Dublin Digital Radio. It was the loveliest experience to be involved in something so special and to play a part in teaching the next generation of Irish DJs.

What advice would you give to other female DJs who are starting out?
Music is an expression of yourself which makes DJing so personal. As women I think a lot of us are self-conscious and very critical of our work, making expressing ourselves creatively really tough! It’s how we’re made!! Our advice would be to practice as much as you can, know your music and have confidence in yourself that you can do it. It’s all about believing in yourself. Get your mixes out there and contact local artists who are in the industry for advice on how to get into the clubs. We are always looking for new girls to play at our monthly Eve showcase in Opium Rooms so feel free to contact the Eve Facebook page for more info or our own personal pages at any time to chat to us about it.

Published in Hot Press Magazine, April 2017

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