Interview: Colin Benders (Klockworks)

While at ADE, I stumbled across a Modular Synth battle featuring 3 local artists. I caught up with Colin Benders to discuss his work in the modular synth realm.

We loved your performance at ADE this year. You and two other Modular Synth artists went head to head at ADE Lab. Can you tell us more about it?
Thanks! The performance you saw was a joyful chaos. I had intended to go a bit more melodic during my set but ended up going for a more high energy approach. it was very messy but loads of fun.

Can you explain your modular set up?
My modular setup is intended to fully replace my studio, from sequencing beats and melodies to sound design and FX station. The only time I need a computer now is to simply press record.

How did you first get into modular synthesis?
I love electronic music but I hate working with computers, I’m an instrument lover so when I first discovered this format I was hooked instantly. this was about 6 years ago, by now I do nothing else.

What were your ADE highlights?
ADE was a bit of a blur to be honest, I’ve seen so much (both good and bad) that its hard to pinpoint one thing. but I think leaving Club Claire at 2 PM to crash on the terrace next door was definitely part of it. Also, Laurent Garnier was awesome.

What projects are you working on at the moment?
At the moment I am preparing an electronic release, all modular based. I expect to be ready for release early next year. Also this is where I stream everything and where I build my tracks. all the cool bits are multi tracked and lined up for future releases. very community driven, loads of fun.

Published in Hot Press Magazine, November 2016.

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