District 8 Ableton Bootcamp

Will Kinsella present D8 Ableton Bootcamp

Date: April 21


Venue: District 8

Our Ableton Live Bootcamp Module is a 1 day intensive workshop, taking you through all the fundamentals of electronic music production.

Ableton Bootcamp is a one day intensive crash course in making electronic music. Designed over 4 years, it was created to provide anyone with the basic tools to create music, regardless of prior experience. This is the perfect opportunity for beginners & intermediate producers to hone their craft.

Throughout the day you will be shown how to program grooves & bass lines, use creative sampling, sound design, arrange and mix your tracks, putting in place a workflow to help you reach your creative goals.


• Drum Programming

• Basic Synthesis

• Making Basslines and leads

• Creative Sampling

• Mixing Essentials

• Arrangement Essentials.