The Mixing Mastering Boot  is designed for advanced students, to give them the technical skills to finish their tracks and have them ready to send them to labels and road test in clubs. It’s a game changing event.

Through years of research we have learned that there are key technical aspects to mixing that make a loud and effective mix down for club music regardless of genre. From EQ, to in depth compression, balance and using FX to add a completely new dimension to your tracks. We also found it helpful to have a basic understanding of mastering, for the purpose of testing your tracks in clubs and help better understand the challenges that mastering engineers face.

We have condensed a 4 week course into a one day intensive workshop. It is delivered in Ableton live using standard plugins, proving that you don’t need the latest plugins to get amazing results.

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  • Advanced EQ
  • Advanced Compression
  • Using FX (properly)
  • Balance
  • Mastering Basics


Demesne: “Really enjoyed the day. I found it comprehensive and was given clearly and concisely. I think the taking of notes was a great aspect as it was ingrained better for memory and can always go back over them, instead of just getting handouts. It made me realise how much I was overlooking and not carrying out when producing and doing mix down and how important it is to carry out all those finer steps and too take time when producing and not rush the process. Once I get some proper time to spend on tracks I feel the points you covered will definitely help me get out of the loop which is what I was struggling with.”

Glenn Harford: “Really enjoyed the day mate and the few drinks afterwards, was good to meet you and the others on the course, I picked up a lot from it that I can now apply to my own mix downs. Some of it was stuff I kind of knew but wasn’t doing the correct way or to that level of detail so Im sure it will help me improve my mix downs now going forward.”

Graham Teeling: “Thanks for the lecture on Saturday. I got some great and useful tips from it that have been put to use already. Dave and I had a nice studio session the other night and put some manners on some beats.”