Ableton Bootcamp

The Ableton Bootcamp is a product of 10 years of research in electronic music production & over 7 years of mentoring aspiring artists. Originally a 1 day crash course in music production, we are now adding a free online Ableton course to reinforce what people learn on the day, turning it into a 2 month artist development program.

Where some courses focus more on the software itself, our goal has always been to help people get the best out of themselves & find their voice as an artist. If you just want to make music, in your own time and get results, this has been developed for you. If you put the work in you will get results.

Throughout this program you will be shown how to program grooves & bass lines, use creative sampling, sound design, arrange and mix your tracks, putting in place a workflow to help you reach your creative goals.

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• Drum Programming
• Basic Synthesis
• Making Basslines and leads
• Creative Sampling
• Mixing Essentials
• Arrangement Essentials.


Angelo Currao (DiVISION): “The Ableton bootcamp was professionally delivered by Will Kinsella. His teaching method is second to none I must say, he speaks really clearly and has a lot of patience! It was an intense day where we covered everything about making a track from the initial structure to the final mix-down including some basic music theory elements. I personally found the day extremely interesting as it also gave me a good insight on the creative part of making tracks. The great thing is also that Will only takes small classes therefore he dedicated full attention to each single one of us. Highly recommend it!”

Con Russell (co-founder @ Distrackt Records) “For anybody interesting in learning how to produce electronic music, I couldn’t recommend Will Kinsella’s programme highly enough. Will is an international dj and live artist who has performed main stage sets in clubs such as Amnesia, Privilege, and the legendary Space Ibiza. His tracks are regulars in the record boxes of the who’s who of techno – Richie Hawtin, Dave Clarke, heck even Jeff Mills uses his 808 when in Ireland! In my opinion it’s the level of aftercare which makes this course different, Will has a personal investment in every student and offers guidance and feedback well after the programme has finished.”

Declan Coleman (Irish Techno Network): “Techno Bootcamp with Will Kinsella aka (Hybrasil) has helped me understand the structure and techniques used to get my track ideas down quickly and gave me a deeper understanding of the whole production process. It was an intensive day course with lots of tips, tricks and discussions on sound design. It also shows you how to clean up sounds & samples and utilise some of Ableton Lives many functions. It was also an opportunity to meet new faces and re connect with some old friends. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has a serious interest in making electronic music.I am looking forward to the webinar discussions to follow up and add to what I have already learned.”

Lee Bracken (DiVISION): “Really enjoyed the course , would recommend to those starting out or filling in blanks and are looking for the right one to suit them . Great patience and very well explained . Thanks again”

Victor Marina (Deep House Dublin): “First time I’ve seen Will’s add for the course I tought, no way I’m signing up for another course. I tought its gonna be the same like last 2 that I had: loads of informations and theory but not practical guidelines. At the end I did sign up and it was the best investment in my Ableton developement ever. Will was very organised and prepared. He basicly gave me just what I couldn’t figure out after 2 previous and expensive courses that I’ve took here in Dublin. How and where to start, how to arrange tracks, basic elements like kicks, tops, bass, melodie and, what was a big mistery for me, fine tuning tips of every element of the track at the end of the track.

That was the hardest thing for me to figure out before and thats the reason why I couldnt get my sounds to sound more professional. I’m not saying I am the master of Ableton after his course now but definitely I can say that I finally know in which direction I have to go to accomplish my production goals. Also, Will has some great ideas on his future Artists development program and I’m really looking forward to see that in near future where I will be waiting for the new opportunity to learn all the tricks of business from him. I highly recommend him to everyone who wants to learn the secrets of Ableton production in a fast and fun way.”

Jane Kelleher: “Upon meeting everyone in the coffee shop I was struck by the friendly greeting from Will and the attendees. I felt immediately at ease. I was also struck by the enthusiasm of everyone and felt very at home and a sense of being with kindred spirits….whilst my friends are well aware of my love for techno…they mostly don’t get it!

Since beginning to learn to programme Ableton just over a year ago I have really struggled with drums and getting my work to have a groove….no more! The drum workflow Will helped up to put in place over the course of the morning is a super foundation. My plan is to perfect all aspects of this; then I can build creatively from there.

The day was littered with great tips from Will eg. Talking about how different artists work, like Mick Huckaby….using Operator….the oscillator options similar to modular synths…using the same synth in different parts of one track….creative sampling….

As this – EQ & Compression etc , was being covered in the second half of the day, my brain was a bit tired tbh, but I just wrote down as a much a possible everything Will was saying and that has proved extremely useful this week. The course gave me a greater understanding of EQ and compression….and also an understanding as to their huge importance!

This was a super course; the teaching, learning and connecting with people. It is super value too! I feel privileged to have attended the first one. I hope that we will all meet again and take it to the next level.”

Jean-luc Saorine (Pygmalion): “So, my expectations or hopes for the course were: I hoped to improve my sound design and mixing/mastering skills, setup my hardware better, as well as to get new ideas/approaches/tools for music production.

And I think the course helped me with all of that. For instance, I feel my use of effects and EQing has gotten better, my workflow is a bit more efficient and I am (finally) able to use my recently bought synthesizer with Ableton the way I wanted to. Also, some nice vintage drum machine samples 😉 So, I am definitely happy with the outcome, plus I had a great time and have met some likeminded people. Cheers!”